Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting Despite Scroll-Stopping Visuals

As a dropshipper or eCom entrepreneur running Facebook ads, it can be tempting to focus on the visual creative – the video ad or the image.

And relegate the ad copy to the backburner.

The only problem with that is…

Even with really strong visuals, if your copy isn’t persuasive,

You’re alienating a huge chunk of your market that is highly likely to read and respond to your ad.

This is because the ad copy articulates the hook.

It prompts user action and makes them want to click through.

Once the viewer has stopped scrolling, the ad copy is what serves to join the conversation that is already going on in the customer’s mind.

By describing how your product helps relieve a very specific pain for a specific audience group, you provide an incentive for the potential customer to click through and buy.

Many Facebook marketers believe, though, that they can simply launch ads that describe their offer or talk about how great their product is.

This does not work anymore.

And this is because no one on Facebook is actually looking to be sold to.

They’re there to chat, check pictures of friends and family,
Watch videos of food, cute puppies and whatnot.

What they’re NOT looking for is your solution.

So, when you interrupt them with your ad,

You have to do more than just throw your offer in their face.

You have to create a genuine connection.

Find out what they are struggling with.

What is their emotional state?

What happens when they invest in your product?

How does it transform their life?

When you have all this laid out in front of you, writing ad copy is incredibly easy.

This is what a lot of eCommerce Facebook ads are missing – the why.

And this is precisely why copy is so valuable to your ad.

In my next post, I’ll explore the different hooks that you can use to write persuasive copy in your Facebook Ads.

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