“A good offer is rarely only about price.” – said some wise person on the internet

An attractive offer is one that aligns with the problems of your audience and is presented at the right time in the customers’ journey.

Lemme unpack that with my mums’ example.

My Mama makes a trip to the neighbourhood salon once every couple of weeks for facial hair removal.

It’s not only expensive but also a painful process for someone like her (an introvert) who loves staying-in. Plus, it’s inconvenient, because she’s busy and it’s hard finding time even over the weekends.

Still, she’s got to keep going… managing… because well, what choice does she have?

Then one day, while browsing through her Facebook feed, she notices an ad for an IPL laser hair removal machine.

The ad mentions that the machine is a one-time, low-cost investment and can be safely used at home. It also stipulates that the hair removal process is practically painless.

Which means – no more pain and no more expensive visits to the salon.

She then checks out reviews and finds hundreds of women vouching for its efficacy and safety.

This product solves a very critical problem for her; plus it’s timely and urgent.

She dives in and makes a purchase.

Here’s the thing.

No matter what product you choose, position it to solve a specific problem for your prospective buyer.

In fact, the more urgent or severe the problem, the higher the likelihood of your sales offer blowing up.

But, if your offer can’t do this, then it doesn’t matter if your product is better than gold.

This is what 7-figure drop shipper Jeffrey Ho perhaps means when he says, “The biggest mistake I made was selling products I loved, over products that people actually needed/wanted.”

What this really comes down to then is understanding how painful and urgent the problems your product solves for your target market and packaging that into a compelling offer.

That’s one of the starting points of eliciting a favourable and quick response from your audience.

It’s what makes your offer a winner… the kind that’ll get those conversions rocking!

Is your offer solving a problem that’s urgent and painful for your customers?

Craft winning offers for your customers, every single time.

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