Short answer: Make Your Copy Work Harder For You

Long answer:

eCommerce and Facebook ads go hand in hand.
And chances are you’re already making the most of this paid opportunity to generate fresh new sales for your biz every day.
Now, it’s normal that as the business owner, you’re passionate and excited about the product you’re putting out there.

You’re keen to talk about its speciality at length and why it’s better.

In the bargain, though, your ad ends up sounding like a long list of product specifications/features, that has little to no value for your audience.

Here’s an interesting line that goes hand-in-hand with what I’m about to share.

“No one cares about what you do. They do, however, care about what you can do for them.”

In this instance, if your ad is constantly talking about the product and its features…

Chances are you’re alienating a massive chunk of buyers, who are likely to turn away because they see no real benefit of using your product.

A benefit that is simply about telling your audience, what is in it for them?

So the next time you want to talk about 1200 thread count for an Egyptian cotton bedspread, remember to tie it back to the benefit of a luxurious bedroom experience and the gift of restful sleep.

The benefit will tell a potential buyer about how the product is a source of pleasure or the best way to get rid of a specific type of pain.

Another example is of the ubiquitous oven, an indispensable part of so many kitchens around the world.

While the oven may have a fast preheat system (a feature)

The benefit will be to describe how effortlessly easy it is to get dinner ready on time, ensuring the kids stay happy or how it makes cooking a much more pleasurable experience.

A teeny modification like this is likely to make the difference between breaking even and 3-4 xing your ROAS or upping it.

Small changes, big impact.. Get the drift?

So here’s a little exercise I want to leave you with.

When you start working on your ads (you can do this even with your product pages),

Take time to chalk out a comprehensive list of features and benefits side by side.

First, write down the product feature.

Then using the ‘so that..’ technique makes notes of the associated benefits (of that feature) that help eliminate a specific pain or problem for the customer.

Also, think of benefits in terms of those that help increase pleasure, comfort, sense of security, etc.

Plan this in advance, and you’ll find yourself putting your ad together a whole lot faster.

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