Last week I talked about how your ad copy articulates the hook and the importance of focusing on your WHY.

Connecting with your audience is critical if you don’t want the equivalent of banner blindness with your ads.

So what are some exciting hooks to get your audience to stop the scroll?

Here’s one…

Connect with a pain point that a customer avatar is currently dealing with.

Describe their current situation, agitate the pain, then speak to a benefit.

Describe the ‘after’ state and how the pain will be resolved with your product.

Example –

I recently came across an ad by (offering a dog training video course)

Their ad started out like this:

“Does your dog get wayyyyy too excited & out of control around other dogs, animals or new people who come over?” -> current situation

Register now for a free masterclass.

Train your dog to be as Calm as a Service Dog. <- after state

Notice how the ad starts out with a significant pain point.

Audience members who resonate with the pain are bound to stop the scroll to read through to find a solution.

Another interesting technique to hook your audience is to write copy that speaks to their feelings.

A reminder, though: Don’t use feelings against your audience.

Facebook will not approve ads that target emotions of low self-esteem or negative self-perception.

Let’s say your product is life-changing for your target audience, play to those associated feelings.

Tell them how the change/after-state will make them feel.

Survey your customer base – ask your existing clientele ‘what life was like before your product & how it felt’ and ‘how all that changed after using the product.’

Use those insights to craft winning copy.

Another interesting hook is using fact-based statements that prove your point.

For example, “There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean” according to National Geographic.

This is a staggering statistic + it is backed up by compelling social proof.

It arrests your attention.

The idea is to present data that is relatively undisputed and factual in nature.

That’s how you get your audience to sit up and pay attention.

Test out each of these hooks with your ad copy.

Craft winning hooks to reach as many people in your target based on their emotional states and their current experience.

Write winning copy that gets your audience excited and buying from you. Let’s talk →