Industry-known digital marketer, Neil Patel says – 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy today!


This means most prospects that come to your website wander around for a while, browse through your products and leave without taking any action.

Never to interact with your brand… ever, ever again.

Not exactly a happy ending, if you think about it.

But thankfully, that’s not where the story ends either.

So here’s what you might be wondering now –

“How do I retain that top-of-mind status and stay in touch with prospects who abandon me?”

The answer:

Facebook retargeting ads all the way!

If you think about it, these ads are a win-win for everyone involved.

The marketer gets to actively advertise to hot leads, while the consumer finds an ad for products they actually like, and may even be reminded to buy.

In fact, popular statistics suggest prospects retargeted with ads on Facebook are 70% more likely to convert on the website.

But how do you create ads that stimulate action and make those conversion rates go through the roof?

Here’s a thought-starter – Make your ads creatively impactful by combating your audience’s top sales objection.

This could potentially be something you could draw attention to in the first few seconds of your video ad or in the first couple of lines in your Ad text.

Addressing objections fosters trust and puts your buyers at ease to make a purchase decision.

Instead of them having to reach out to your customer support to ask the question…

You’ve pre-emptively answered it for them.

Another simple and effective method for getting better conversions on retargeting ads – is introducing an element of urgency.

Often, cart abandons are the result of a customer either changing his/her mind or because they found a better deal elsewhere.

Let’s say someone was browsing watches on your website, decided to add one to their cart, and then abandoned your site altogether.

You could be retargeting this prospect with a dynamic product ad that says: 15% Off, offer expires in 48 hours.

When you say this, your prospect can’t procrastinate any longer.

He/she now feels this sense of urgency, potentially even FOMO, should they miss out on the amazing offer.

The principle of scarcity is also a very effective persuasion tool.

You could say something to the effect of, ‘Our IPL machines are flying off the shelves. Limited stock. Get yours before they’re all gone.”

That coupled with a few fantastic customer reviews, and the prospect is now grabbing their credit card and making way to checkout.

If after a week of retargeting, your prospects aren’t converting, it could mean that they’re interested, just not ready to dive in yet.

In these instances, focus on building long-term relationships with them with Facebook lead ads.

For instance, if you’re selling luxury products, your audience may prefer subscribing to your email newsletter over making a purchase right then.

Alternatively, for your price-sensitive audience, you could be sending a retargeting ad that promises special discounts through your email newsletters.

If you are retargeting past shoppers, your ads could work to remind them of why they love your brand so much. Was it free shipping worldwide? Amazing customer service? Loyalty programs? The best discounts?

Make it a point to push your customers’ emotions out into the spotlight in your ad.

Be clear and concise with your messaging. Your prospect’s time is valuable, and all you want your ad to do is nudge them back to your website to help them make a purchase.

Lastly and perhaps the most crucial part of every marketing/advertising experiment, A/B test your ad creative. (But more on this in a different post)

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