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Q: So, who runs this place?

Arnab – the founder and chief copywriter – lives in Mumbai, India and makes all the badass creative and business decisions around here. He also collaborates regularly with his co-copywriter, ex-journalist sister, Pia who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Together they’ve built a compelling portfolio of high-converting Facebook ad copy for a variety of six-and-seven-figure eCommerce clients. The team is split between India and Australia. We work remotely.

Q: What products or niches have you produced results for?

Here are a list of markets I’ve helped achieve 3-4x ROAS for

1. Clothing & Apparel
2. Health, Wellness & Beauty
3. Luxury items – Watches, Jewellery
4. Healing products – Essential Oils
5. Productivity products – Planners, apps
6. Consumer electronics – Wireless chargers
7. Gardening products
8. Home Decor products like Mirrors, rugs, furniture
9. Skill development and digital learning coaching/training products

Check out Arnab for any of your Ad copywriting or pick-me-up needs!

Eleanor Gibson

Client Account Manager, Brisbane

I worked with Arnab on a few projects. On one of them, he came on board at a critical time and his efforts were instrumental in rescuing it at a crucial phase.

He is very methodical about his work and is able to communicate complex issues in a simple manner. 

Prashant Chari

Co-founder, Teen Bandar (agency)

Q: Are you right for me?

Do you run an eCommerce business?

If you answered yes… read on.

Look… eCommerce ain’t easy. There’s a ton of things you’ve got to do.


If you’re stuck and stressed about…

Your ads getting disapproved by Facebook

The platform’s stringent rules

Being stuck at breakeven ROAS

…You really want to get the formula that has helped seven-figure eCommerce brands succeed with ads and emails. In fact one of the easiest ways to make Facebook ads PAY YOU is by having world-class copywriting. 

Guess what?

I’ve partnered with six-and-seven-figure eCommerce stores and handled copy and creatives on Facebook Ads with over $1M in ad spend. You’re in safe and certain hands!

Q: Why don’t I see a portfolio on your website? How can I see samples? 

We keep our portfolio private to protect our clients’ interests. If you’d like to see relevant copy samples, just shoot us an email to and we’ll send them over to you, pronto!

Our Manifesto ??

Stay committed to excellence, always choose progress over perfection. Embrace imperfections. Done > perfect

We’re in business for the long term, not for short term gains

Our success is a byproduct of our clients success. Deliver value first.

Stay highly self-aware & resilient – learn to respond vs react

Focus on proactive planning, decision making & actions – Not controlled by indecision, fear, uncertainty, scarcity

Don’t keeping score in relationships, give abundantly

Embrace high leverage actions (especially when it means, needing to outgrow your fears)

Fight hard against a ruthless or unethical opponent, but always stay within the rules of the engagement.

I enjoyed working with Arnab because he’s easy to get along with and takes direction quite well. I was especially pleased with the copy he wrote targeting women with children, in addition to his impressive organizational skills.


Creative Director, Right Hook Digital

Amazing is the first word that comes when I had a look at your copy!

Prithvi Elango

Strategic Account Manager, Freshworks