Make your wellness coaching business high vibe

Welcome to Copy Therapy. Hi! We're Pia & Arnab. A copywriting duo, spread across continents - Australia & Asia. Both wellness evangelists & heart-based entrepreneurs making marketing a high vibe part of your business with messaging that matters.

We're on a mission to help you get (joy) fully booked with email marketing.


Want to figure if we align? Here's language, values & ideals that drive us.

We believe marketing is about uplifting, entertaining and inspiring community

About telling meaningful stories from the day-to-day,  in a way that is fun, interesting & delightful that people can’t resist telling others about it. 

We don’t believe in making up fake scarcity and urgency

We don't believe in saying things like – this program will never be done again, even when you know it'll be back in 3 months. However, we do believe in communicating real scarcity. For eg. deadlines for your programs, special bonuses or limited seats for enrollment.

We position your customers as the hero in their journey

...and you as their trusted advisor. By doing this we honour their struggles and desires, thus creating a real need for your products and services to help them succeed. 

We don’t 'indoctrinate' customers, we nurture and guide them

Providing value and guiding you to make the best decisions for your email marketing is at the heart of Copy Therapy. Our language is simply about showing your community what’s possible for them. 

We like to be transparent about our pricing

At the end of your copy therapy session, we'll give you an estimate based on your project specs. You don't have to take a spot decision. We don't like onboarding clients with buyers remorse. We'll be here when the time is right for you.

We look at your list as real humans, not just as leads

Your leads are humans who have real pains, desires and aspirations. That’s why our copy is anchored in storytelling, is earnest and authentic to help you build strong and meaningful connections with your community. 

The People Behind Copy Therapy

Pia Sinha

Arnab Sinha

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