Here’s a jaw-dropping stat from famous marketing publication – Copyblogger

“80% of readers don’t make it past the headline.”

Which means – 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest.

Truth be told –

Facebook’s granular targeting options make it easier for you to get in front of the RIGHT audience. But it’s still up to you to do the convincing.

With 2.45 billion daily active users engaging on Facebook, the benefits of targeted ad creation are many.

But, you need to set yourself apart and fast when you’re competing with other eCommerce brands like yours.

One of the important ways to achieve this is through crafting irresistible Ad Headlines.

So how do you write Ad headlines that lift your CTRs and STOP the scroll?

Tip #1: Use numbers in your Ad headlines

A ton of copywriting research points to this fact: Headlines with numbers tend to be winners. ( See what I did with the headline for this article?)

When you start your headline with a number, your audience is more likely to click through on your ad.

Here’s an example tying numbers and social proof together:

‘Over 2500 women use ( enter product name) for youthful and naturally glowing skin.’

Or ‘5 Dresses to go from Winter to Spring.’

Tip #2: Ask a question

Asking a question in your headline grabs your viewer’s attention and draws them into your offer to get the answer.

Here are a couple of examples: Dreaming of the perfect engagement ring?

Do Keywords Still Matter?

Pro tip: If you’re using a question headline – make sure to answer that in your Ad Text or Ad Video

Tips #3: Use urgency

If you think about it, sometimes all your viewer needs is a little urgency to nudge them into taking action.

Example: You could be running a 4-hour flash sale for your fashion store and mention the time when the deal ends. Your headline could read something like this:

Use promo code: FLASHFRIDAY

When the viewer reads the headline, there is no room for procrastinating or even second-guessing.

With the offer expiring soon, the shopper is compelled to click-through.

Tip #4: Go for concise and clear

A lot of eCommerce brands, in their bid to sound sophisticated and fun, make the cardinal mistake of writing vague headlines.

Write a headline that clearly states how your offer benefits its audience and keep it short (25-50 characters).

For instance, if you’re a furniture retailer running a summer clearance sale, your headline could read:

Save 50% on selected items

Here’s another example:

30% OFF on car repair today

Remember: Your offer could be AMAZING.

You could even have a super generous guarantee… to back up your offer

But, to know that, your prospect needs to read/see/watch the rest of your ad.

Which is why it’s so critical that you create a headline that works to hook your prospect to your ad.

Those are my top tips for writing scroll-stopping, high-converting Facebook ad headlines.

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