Brand Strategy + High ROI Facebook Ads + Email Copywriting for

eCommerce marketers, brand owners and dropshippers 

You’re burning money gambling on Facebook Ads.

Your funnel isn’t broken, but the copy isn’t converting. After wasting $1000s on FB Ads, still no clicks and conversions. 

Hey there, it’s Arnab 

Facebook Ads Copywriter + Email Copy Strategist for eCommerce brands & Dropshippers

Your partner in navigating the minefield of Facebook ad campaigns.

? Raising click-through-rates, relevance scores and bringing you conversions at a lower cost, so that you can finally have a shot at “earning money while you sleep”, or fold laundry, or whatever.

So here’s my question to you

? What’s the value of a single high-converting ad campaign? What is the price of FINALLY making your dreams come true?

? Results my eCommerce clients have achieved with Facebook Ads

? Generated AUD $25,000 in sales – Highest ever for the brand in a single day with (Cold Traffic + Retargeting)

? Consistently generated 3-4x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for clients with Ad copy that converts faster than ever

? My winning portfolio includes copy for Ad campaigns with over a million dollars in Ad spend

? Worked for multiple six-and-seven-figure eCommerce brands across multiple niches (health, fashion, luxury, productivity, gardening)

"We have found some new winning ads that convert well. I definitely recommend Arnab for ecommerce clients, especially in the trending product niche. His understanding of the product and the pain points it solves helps him write compelling ads"

Paul de Beauregard

Ad Strategist, Singapore

I enjoyed working with Arnab because he’s easy to get along with and takes direction quite well. I was especially pleased with the copy he wrote targeting women with children, in addition to his impressive organizational skills.

Valerio Puggioni

Former Creative Director @ RHD, Content Writer & Strategist @ Copygun, Copygun

Arnab helped me with creating copy for videos. He improved the quality of my videos overall and gave me new ideas in terms of structuring that I had never thought of before.

Video Editor, Brisbane

Brands I’ve worked with